Vehicle Tags & Titles

The most common items needed to register a newly purchased vehicle:

  • Title for used vehicle or Manufacture Statement of Origin (MSO) for new vehicle.  If purchasing a used vehicle with out of state title, you will need an MVE-1 Inspection from Law Enforcement. The officer will need to see the vehicle and title to complete the form.  Fee is $20.
  • If salvage or formerly salvage MVE-1 Inspection must be from the KS Highway Patrol.  Fee for this is $25. 

Assigned vehicle inspection location for Labette County is the Labette County Sheriff's Office

718 5th St, Oswego, KS

Every Tuesday 12:00 - 2:00 pm. 

Phone number is 620-795-2565. 

Or you may call the Highway Patrol Headquarters in Chanute at 431-2100 for other places and times available.

  • Current proof of insurance for the new purchase
  • Sales tax receipt if purchased from a Kansas Dealer
  • Bill of Sale required, if no place is designated for sale price on the assignment of title (this is for purchases other than from Kansas Dealer)
  • Some states still require notary on title assignments. Oklahoma is one of the neighboring states that requires notary. Kansas and Missouri do not require notary on title assignments.
  • Any lien holder shown for former owners must have a notarized release of lien to process.
  • If you sold a vehicle and wish to transfer the tag, we need the current registration from the sold vehicle, or please write down the license plate number and have it available. Names must be the same on sold vehicle and new purchase. You may add a parent, child or spouse, but both signatures will be required to complete the application the first time. You may drop a name from old to new vehicle, but if last name begins with a different letter this may require a new license plate to be purchased.
  • The person or persons on the face of the title are the only individuals who can sell the vehicle, unless they have legal documents to do so. We must have a copy of the legal documents to submit to Topeka with title application if this applies.
  • If an individual or dealer attaches forms to your title or MSO DO NOT REMOVE THESE FORMS. THESE MAY BE NECESSARY TO COMPLETE YOUR TITLE APPLICATION.

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Vehicle Tags and Titles
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