Personal Property

Personal Property Information

The statutory definition of Personal Property is “... every tangible which is the subject of ownership, not forming part or parcel of real property” [K.S.A. 79-101, 79-102, 79-301, 79-303]

Kansas law states that all personal property is subject to taxation. All tangible personal property owned as of January 1st must be listed in the name of the owner, with the county appraiser each year for taxation purposes. The Appraiser's Office will send out personal property worksheets in the mail on January 1st every year. It is up to the taxpayer to sign and return these worksheets to prevent a penalty by March 15th. The worksheet will allow the State as well as the Appraiser's office know if you still own the item(s) listed. If you still own the item(s) listed simply check 'yes' sign, date and return to the Appraiser's Office, if you no longer own an item(s) listed simply check 'no' sign, date and return the worksheet to the Appraiser's Office. If you sold an item(s) please list the date of sale.

Personal Property is considered all ATV's, Trailers, Golf Carts, Mobile Homes, Watercraft, Aircraft, 16-20M, Antique & Non - Highway Vehicles with no tags.

The Personal Property Valuation Guide is written by the Property Valuation Division in the Kansas Department of Revenue. It is intended to be used by county appraisers as the actual personal property valuation guide for the purposes of P.V.D. Directive 17-048, K.S.A. 79-505, 79-1412a Sixth and K.S.A. 79-1456.

If you have any questions about Personal Property please contact the Appraiser's Office.

Contact Info

Jean Nash
Interim, Labette County Appraiser
501 Merchant Oswego, KS 67356

Tracie Rion
Personal Property Clerk
501 Merchant Oswego, KS 67356

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are personal property penalties?

After March 15th the penalties for not returning the Personal Property worksheet are 5% per month up to 25% then 50% after a year for failure to file.

Who determines the late penalties?

The penalties for late failing are set by the State per the guidelines in the Personal Property Guide. [K.S.A. 79-1422]