Tax Information

Tax statements are mailed after November 1.  The first half is due December 20.  If the first half is not paid by that date, it begins to accrue interest.  If the first half is paid by December 20, the last half will be due May 10 of the following year.  Note: The Treasurer does not mail second half notices.

Real Estate Taxes

After December 20 and until May 10, the first half payment plus interest can be paid.  If not paid by May 10, the full tax plus interest must be paid.  There is no longer the option of paying the first half.  If taxes are due and unpaid for three years, the property is subject to a tax foreclosure sale by the County and the property can be sold at public auction.  Anyone that has delinquent real estate taxes in the County cannot bid at these auctions.  

Personal Property/Business items taxed on County Tax Statement 

(Examples:  any non-commercial truck tagged over 12,000 lbs, mobile homes, boats, trailers, non-highway vehicles, ATVs, business equipment, oil and gas assessments, or possibly other items).

After December 20, the full amount of personal property taxes are due, plus interest.  Full unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the Sheriff for collection in March.  If the first half taxes are paid in December, the second half is due May 10.  Second half unpaid personal property taxes are then sent to the Sheriff for collection.