Treasurer's Office (Tags/Taxes)

Welcome to the Labette County Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer is responsible for many financial aspects of county operations. These include:
  • An agent for the State of Kansas Division of Vehicles for vehicle and title registrations;
  • Collection of property taxes for Real Estate and Personal Property;
  • As the investment officer for Labette County Comptroller of County Funds. In this capacity, our office is in charge of the disbursement of tax revenues to various government agencies (cities, school districts, townships, etc.)

Delinquent Taxes

Delinquent real estate taxes not paid within three years are subject to a tax foreclosure sale.  The tax sale process is very lengthy and may take up to a year or longer.  Contact County Treasurer for latest tax sale information.  If date has been set, this information will be posted on county website.
Publication of Delinquent Real Estate Taxes:
Prior to current year delinquent taxes being put in the delinquent records of the Labette County Treasurer, they are published in the official county newspaper (as designated by the Board of County Commissioners) for three consecutive weeks in August in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 79-2301 to 79-2323a.

Publication of Delinquent Personal Property Taxes:
Personal Property taxes that are unpaid October 1 of the current tax year are published in compliance with K.S.A. 19-547 for three consecutive weeks in October in the official county newspaper (as designated by the Board of County Commissioners).

Filing a Property Tax Protest

Review the following for information about filing a protest related to your property tax assessment.  For forms and additional information on your assessment, visit the Appeals Process section of the County Appraiser's website. 
  • If you have not had a meeting with the County Appraiser on the valuation of your property for the same tax year, you can file a protest. Protest forms are available from the County Treasurer or online. 
  • Please read and follow the instructions on the form carefully for a successful appeal. Note: If the protest form is received in the Treasurer's office unsigned the protest will be considered invalid and will be returned to you. The delay may jeopardize your chances for a hearing.
  • Tax protest forms must be completed and submitted at time of payment to the Treasurer's office on or before December 20. If the taxes are paid by an escrow agent you have until January 31 of the following year to file your protest.
  • You must keep a copy of the protest form. You will need to use this form to file the protest with the Board of Tax Appeals if you are not satisfied with the County's decision.
  • The County Appraiser will contact you to schedule an informal meeting after the County Treasurer forwards your protest form to the Appraiser. If you are filing a protest on the basis of an illegal tax levy, an Appendix must be completed and attached to the protest form.  No informal hearing will be held with the Appraiser in the case of illegal tax levies.
  • If you are successful in your appeal and your taxes are reduced and result in a refund, payment will be issued upon the Treasurer receiving a correction from the County Appraiser's office.

Mortgage Company Tax Payments

If you have an escrow account for your real estate taxes with a mortgage company, the mortgage company should receive the tax statement with amounts listed on the stubs. With our tax system the homeowner will now receive a statement with a zero dollar amount listed on the stubs.  If you have a mortgage company and received a statement that has a dollar amount listed please forward it onto your mortgage company.  We also ask that your mortgage company contact our office to notify us of the correct billing information for the real estate parcel.
Past due notices are sent to the homeowner, not to the escrow agent. If the mortgage company was to have paid these taxes, you must inform them that the County Treasurer's office did not receive the payment. If there are any questions, the mortgage company needs to call the County Treasurer's office at 620-795-2918.

Vehicle Registration Renewals

Items required for Registration Renewal:

  • Registration renewal notice received from Topeka 
    If you did not receive your renewal notice, please bring in current registration or write down your license plate number to expedite the process
  • Notify clerk at the beginning of renewal process of address change
  • Current proof of insurance for each vehicle is required

Registration Renewal (online renewal)

Vehicle Tag Renewal Dates

Vehicle tag renewals are based on the first letter of the registered vehicle owner's last name, as shown on the schedule below:

Heavy Truck & Non-RV Trailers
January 1
February 28
Last Name Begins With...
January 15
February 28
February 15
March 31
C, D
March 15
April 30
E, F, G
April 15
May 31
H, I
May 15
June 30
J, K, L
June 15
July 31
M, N, O
July 15
August 31
P, Q, R
August 15
September 30
September 15
October 31
T, V, W
October 15
November 30
U, X, Y, Z
November 15
December 31


Contact Info

Crystal Addis
County Treasurer
501 Merchant Oswego KS 67356

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