Communicable Disease

Infectious disease reporting for Health Care Providers: 

The Health Department works with private providers, hospitals, area labs, schools/colleges and local, regional, and state organizations to identify and report illnesses and diseases that impact our community.  The health department is responsible for assuring that diseases that are reported are investigated and the people affected are linked to care or services.  

Report infectious disease to Public Health of Labette County during office hours at:  620-421-4350 (phone)    620-421-2324 (fax)

24 hour hotline for disease reporting and public health emergencies   1-877-427-7317 

For more information on reportable infectious diseases visit the KDHE Epi site at

You can help control infectious disease through:

*  Good hand washing and covering your mouth and nose with elbow when sneezing or coughing

*  Stay home when ill

*  Be current on vaccinations that protect against diseases

There are state laws that require certain diseases to be reported to the State of Kansas for surveillance. List of reportable diseases.