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The parcel search is used to find informtaion on a specific property in Labette County. The Public Access shows all the information on the property except sales information. The Registered User shows all the information on the property as well as sales information. Sales information is not public knowledge, to become a registered user please contact the Appraiser's Office for more information.
Real Estate:

Homes, commercial real property are appraised at “market value” as of the first day of January each year. Market value is the amount of money a well-informed buyer would pay and a well-informed seller would accept for property in an open and competitive market without any outside influence. Property is assessed by county appraisers and collected at the county level.


Valuation of agricultural land in Kansas is governed by Kansas law.

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 County Plat Books are availble at the Appraiser's Office for $30.00 each 

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