Public Health Volunteer Program

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Public Health of Labette County is looking for volunteers to help specifically in the event of an emergency.  We are looking for non-first responders and individualsw who are not already obligated as an emergency volunteer with another entity.  

For Labette County the utilization of volunteers is essential in preserving public health during an emergency.  Volunteers will not be asked to assume hazardous responsibilities, but will be utilized to provide manpower or knowledge.

Potential volunteers can include, but are not limited to:

Administrative Pharmacy Professionals
Animal Care Providers Physicians/PAs
Dental Health Providers PR/Media
General Public Retirees
Health Educators Security
Interpreters Students
Medical Assistants Teachers
Mental Health Providers YOU!
Pastoral Care

ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE BENEFICIAL and will be put to good use.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunity at Public Health of Labette County, please complete our volunteer registration form and return it to the Public Health Department.