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Can My Child Receive Immunizations at the Health Dept? (Vaccine Eligibility)

Vaccine Eligibility
Children birth thru 18 years of age who meet at least one of the following criteria are eligible to receive VFC vaccines:
*  Medicaid eligible:  a child who is eligible for the Medicaid Program (KanCare).
*  Uninsured:  a child who has no health insurance coverage.
*  American Indian or Alaska Native:  as defined by the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (25 U.S.C. 1603).
*  Underinsured:  underinsured means the child has health insurance, but it doesn't cover vaccines, or doesn't cover certain vaccines, or covers vaccines but has a fixed dollar limit
     or cap for vaccines.  
Children whose insurance covers the vaccines are not eligible for VFC vaccines.  
For more information call 620-421-4350
*A parent or guardian must provide written consent for children under age 18. Please bring child's current immunization record to the visit and KanCare card, if applicable.

Immunizations are given without an appointment on:
Thursdays from 9-11:30am and 1-4pm