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Labette County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

Labette County, incorporated cities, school districts, special districts and private non-profit partners have worked together to develop the Labette County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to develop a strategy to reduce the vulnerability of people and property in the County to the impacts of natural hazards and to become eligible for mitigation funding programs from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The plan addresses a comprehensive list of natural hazard %u2014 ranging from flooding to tornados, severe winter weather and drought %u2014 and assesses the likely impacts of these hazards to communities in Labette County. It also sets goals and prioritizes projects to reduce the impacts of future disasters on people and property in the county.


We would like your input on this important plan, which must be approved by the Labette County Board of County Commissioners, the governing bodies of each participating jurisdiction, the State of Kansas, and FEMA. Your comments will be considered by the Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee and incorporated into the plan, as appropriate.


From March 4-18, 2009, the final draft plan will be available for your review at the following locations:


On-line at:  Labette County Emergency Management website at:

In Hard Copy at: 


Labette County Emergency Management

501 Merchant

Oswego, KS  67356

Altamont Public Library

407 Huston Avenue

Altamont, KS  67330-0128


Chetopa Public Library

312 Maple

Chetopa, KS  67336


Parsons Public Library

311 S. 17th Street

Parsons, KS  67357-4213



Oswego Public Library

704 4th Street

Oswego, KS  67356


Mound Valley Public Library

411 Hickory

Mound Valley, KS  67354-0179


*during normal hours of operation


Please respond with any comments in one of the following ways by March 18, 2009:


Mail, e-mail or fax comments to:


Jim Cook

Labette County Emergency Manager

501 Merchant

Oswego, KS  67356

Office 620 795-2138 ext 282
Fax 620 795-2928
e-mail address:

E-mail or fax comments to:


Laurie Bestgen
AMEC Earth and Environmental

Fax: (785) 272-6878



If you have questions on this project, please contact Jim Cook, Labette County Emergency Manager at 620-795-2138 ext. 282 or mail to: .

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