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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Krider, Sandra Director of Public Works Road Maintenance 620-784-5391
Anderson, Jerry Equipment Operator/Grader/Truck Driver Public Works  
Clines, Garry Equipment Operator/Blacktop/Truck Driver Public Works  
Czapansky, Tim Equipment Operator/Grader Public Works  
George, Ralph Blacktop/Mower/Grader/Truck Driver Supervisor Public Works 620-784-5391
Goedeke, Roman Blacktop Equipment Operator Public Works  
Johnson, Mark Blacktop Equipment Operator Public Works  
Johnson, Randy Equipment Operator/Truck Driver Public Works  
Lubbers, Robert Equipment Operator/Motor Grader Public Works  
Oakley, Raymond Equipment Operator/Grader/Truck Driver/Blacktop Public Works  
Reed, Mike Equipment Operator/Blacktop/Truck Driver/Grader/Mower Public Works  
Reynolds, Donnie Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Mechanic Public Works 620-784-5391
Steeby, John Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Mower Public Works  
Vance, Jesse R Equipment Operator/Grader Public Works  
Whittley, John Equipment Operator/Grader/Truck Driver Public Works  
Henry, Jessie Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Bridges/Tract Entrances Public Works  
Staton, Scott Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Mower/Grader Public Works 620-922-7420
Haraughty, Rex Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Tract Entrances/Bridges/Grader Public Works  
Rakestraw, Harold E Equipment Operator/Bridge Crew/Grader/Truck Driver Public Works  
Staff 1-19 of 19