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Speed Monitoring

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Speed Trailers are stationary devices, which educate drivers concerning their actual driving speed, and are typically positioned in residential areas where speed is perceived to be a problem. Using radar, Speed Trailers measure the speed of passing vehicles and electronically display each vehicle's speed. Drivers who realize they have exceeded the posted speed limit should slow down.

While the Speed Trailer is an informational and educational device, it does not issue citations. Generally speaking after the Speed Trailer has been deployed in an area for a period of time,it will be removed and officers are assigned to the area in order to issue citations. Data can be collected from the unit to monitor trends such as time of day most violations occur.

To report speeding problems or to request that the Speed Trailer be used on your street, call the Sheriff's Office at (620) 795-2994, or 620-421-9278, most requests are approved, although some roadways do not allow for safe parking of the Speed Trailer.

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